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At Hill, we have always aimed to be leader and innovators in our sector, and this includes environment and social issues. We have delivered some of the most sustainable schemes in the UK and, as regeneration specialist, a community focus is at the heart of what we do. One of our driving forces at Hill is creating real, tangible social value that leas a positive, lasting impact on communities now and in the future.

Grid Architects

GRID is a group of architects and interior designers committed to creating thoughtful designs for large-scale projects around the UK. Grid believes design should be intelligent and purposeful, shaped around the people who use a space; those who live, work and play under its roof or in its gardens.

Outerspace Landscape Architects

Supporting ‘human-nature’ is at the heart of everything Outerspace does. By designing places to support the mental and physical health of human beings and the wellbeing of nature, Outerspace creates spaces that offer comfort, enabling people to feel welcomed and stay.


DP9’s ambition is to provide the best independent town planning advice with a focus on the largest, most challenging developments in London. The company remains independent and focused on the specialism of town planning and is proud to be regarded as one of the leading expert consultancies in planning, development and regeneration in the UK.

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