The information displayed on this page is what was presented during consultation 1.

College Green Consultation Boards – October 2022

The Hill Group first presented its vision for College Green in October 2022.

We invite you to view this presentation here.

Investing in Neasden

College Green is an important element in the wider initiative to invest in Neasden, and will deliver:

  • New and affordable homes
  • New job opportunities
  • New and affordable workspace
  • New and enhanced open space
  • Social and community infrastructure
  • Improved connectivity to wider area
  • Improved and integrated walking and cycling routes
  • A reduction in car parking

Creating a Place

College Green will be an exciting place for new and existing residents alike. It will provide facilities and open spaces for everyone, knitting into the local community and complementing the local offer. It will be…


  • State of the art sustainable homes
  • A range of tenures to meet housing needs


  • Spaces for small local businesses
  • A mix of commercial workspace offers


  • A community offer designed especially for College Green in consultation with local people
  • It could include a community nursery and a flexible community centre


  • A mix of small local businesses
  • This could include cafes, convenience stores, or small independent retailers e.g., dry cleaners


  • A mix of amenity spaces
  • Vibrant public square
  • Diverse public green spaces
  • Tranquil public gardens


The Hill Group recognises the part we have to play in helping the UK meet its sustainability commitments, and we have made a commitment to achieving net-zero operational carbon in the homes we build by 2030.

That’s why our proposals for College Green will provide:

  • Sustainable, energy efficient homes
  • Homes best designed to balance daylight access and overheating
  • A reduction in car parking
  • All electric infrastructure, such as air source heat pumps
  • Solar panels on roof space

The Hill Group’s Track Record

Fish Island Village is an eclectic and vibrant new neighbourhood, among an existing artistic and creative community. With over 580 new homes, a concierge and resident-only gym on site, and three new public plazas to encourage collaboration and connection, this exciting new area has become increasingly popular with professionals and city-dwellers.

Harrow is located approximately 12 miles from Central London, and is on both the tube and rail networks. A vibrant London neighbourhood, Harrow is undergoing an invigorating regeneration, with significant investment in the town centre being a key part of the changes coming to the area.

New Union Wharf will compromise 399 modern, energy efficient homes on the banks of the River Thames, overlooked by the Millennium Dome. In addition to the new homes, we also carried out improvement works along the existing Thames River Wall and has provided a new energy centre for the estate.

Residents have always been at the heart of the decision making process at New Union Wharf, including being involved in the selection of Hill as the partner to redevelop the estate. With regular consultation and the appointment of a dedicated onsite liaison officer, our team has gained the trust and respect of the local community during our eight years onsite.

Ground Floor Opportunities

To deliver a vibrant neighbourhood, we want to create active ground floors with retail units, workspaces, and community facilities.

This is why we will be providing space for:

  • Around 10,000ft2 of flexible workspace
  • Around 10,000ft2 of community uses
  • Around 20,000ft2 of retail space
  • Around 8,000ft2 of leisure space

What would you like to see as part of the development? We want to ensure there are really useful local shops and facilities for local people, so please fill out our online feedback form and let us know what you would like to see.

Indicative imagery presented during Consultation 1
Indicative imagery presented during Consultation 1

New Homes for College Green

Our proposals will deliver a range of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom homes to best meet a variety of housing needs. 50% of homes are aimed towards families (i.e., 2 beds and above), including 15% being 3-bed homes.

The scheme is tenure blind and mixed throughout the site, so all homes – whether affordable or private market – are identically designed to create a true sense of community and integration.

All homes will come with excellent views onto courtyards and landscaped green spaces. Building distances are maintained to avoid overlooking and allow sunlight to come through. Overall, the proposals achieve over 70% dual aspect, i.e., have windows on two or more different facing walls.


Our landscape approach will better connect people and nature, enhancing biodiversity and wellbeing. There will be green spaces and routes for the whole community to enjoy.

A new neighbourhood park will be a key feature, and streets and public spaces will be planted with trees and other greenery to create a neighbourhood where people want to live and work, and that others want to visit.

We want to create comfortable spaces in an urban area that people of all ages want to come to and be in.

That’s why there will also be a green network across the site that will connect with the existing neighbourhood. The green streets and spaces will create routes through to local stations and cyclists and pedestrians will be prioritised.

Indicative imagery presented during Consultation 1
Indicative imagery presented during Consultation 1
Indicative imagery presented during Consultation 1
Indicative imagery presented during Consultation 1

Construction Outline

  • College facilities are currently spread across the whole site.
  • Before Phase 1 breaks ground, the surviving college facilities will be relocated into buildings on the Western part of the site (labelled ‘Phase 2’) where it will continue operating.
  • The relocation of college facilities and the subsequent redevelopment of the Eastern ‘Phase 1’ part of the site will be carefully managed to minimise disruption to teaching.

Phase 1

  • Upon Phase 1 breaking ground, the now vacant college buildings on the Eastern part of the site will be demolished.
  • The college will remain in operation on the Western part of the site until the end of 2026 when all teaching facilities will be transferred to a new campus in Wembley.
  • Phase 1 construction is expected to take place between 2024 and 2028.

Phase 2

  • With the college buildings vacated, construction of Phase 2 would then commence.
  • Phase 2 construction is expected to take place between 2027 and 2031.


Thank you for viewing our online exhibition for our proposals for College Green. We want to hear your views about the plans, so please do not hesitate to provide your comments via our online feedback form. We believe this is an opportunity to transform a tired educational site and to deliver needed homes and community facilities to meet the needs of local people.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on:

020 3398 1590


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