Sustainability is an integral part to all Hill Group projects and the redevelopment of College Green is no exception.

The new College Green will deliver the following sustainability commitments:

Our three pillars of sustainability


• Taking care of our natural resources

• Reducing our environmental impacts


• People come first

• Communities and customers

• Tackling homelessness


• Strategy and responsible business

• Reporting and assurance

• Future-proofing

The project is targeting high energy efficiency and sustainability standards in line with the Brent and London plan policies and the national building regulations part L and part O (Energy efficient homes with an EPC rating of B minimum).
The proposals have optimal orientation and glazing areas appropriately sized to provide balance between daylighting and overheating risk mitigation.
A fabric first approach will be utilised to minimise energy demand prior to the implementation of any low or zero carbon technologies.
Efficient services will be incorporated including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and highly efficient LED fittings.
An all-electric energy strategy is proposed to provide 100% of the heating and hot water demand, based on commununal air source heat pumps.
Photovoltaic panels on available roof space will be installed as far as feasible.
Each home will have a dedicated cycle store to promote healthy living and active travel.

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